Atomic Tango Ventures

We started out consulting entrepreneurs. Now we’re launching ventures of our own…

Marcy Very MuchMarcy Very Much

Created by writer/actor Cynthia Mance, Marcy Very Much is a lifestyle brand featuring conversations between Cynthia and her moody cat Marcy about fashion, felines, and fun cat happenings. Marcy Very Much also carries its own line of merchandise ā€” including the infamous “Hell No Kitty” pouches ā€” sold online and at feline festivals, including CatConLA.


Ad Victorem SignAd Victorem

A partnership between Atomic Tango Founder Freddy Tran Nager and award-winning creative director Anthony Wiktor, Ad Victorem is an L.A.-based branding-and-strategy agency “for those who dare to win.” The focus: outwitting the competition. Although just launched in 2018, the agency has already won multiple awards for website and identity design.