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Marketing, Media, And Other Mischief“Common sense is a little man in a gray suit who never makes a mistake at addition, but it’s always someone else’s money he’s adding up.”
— Raymond Chandler

Let’s hear it for uncommon sense: that inner itch that inspires us to stray from the herd, ditch the training wheels, and leap into the fast lane. As we all know, it’s the risk takers who create the future. No one ever remembers who won “honorable mention.”

Freddy Tran Nager goes behind the hype to show you what’s new, what’s nonsense, and what’s noteworthy.


MARKETING: An insider’s guide to marketing. Sometimes serious, occasionally satirical, frequently skeptical, never stale.



MEDIA: Critical takes on movies, music, and other media by those who not only enjoy it but also create it.



MISCHIEF: Uncommon sense — and Freddy’s 2 cents — about careers, culture, economics, and the universe at large.