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Books may be “traditional media” — and we’re happy to keep that tradition going.

Atomic Tango’s publishing wing produces books in all genres with an emphasis on creativity — even in nonfiction. We believe life is too short for dry books (dry martinis, yes; dry books, never).

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Dear Marcy… Ask Her Anything
And Hope She Doesn’t Answer

Dear Marcy by Cynthia Mance book coverwritten by Cynthia Mance
illustrated by Marina Daineko

What do you get when you seek advice from a cat? That’s the hazardous scenario this satirical book explores, one sound bite at a time.

Based on the fan-favorite column from, Dear Marcy features feline fatale Marcy the Cat addressing a wild array of topics, from dating to fashion, Zoom etiquette to cat hair.

The real question is … do you want her to?

Because Marcy gets real. Always humorous and sometimes malevolent, Marcy says what she means and means what she says (even if it’s mean). 

The book is written by Cynthia Mance, creator of the online lifestyle zine,, and the TV show, “The Cat Show by Marcy Very Much.” She produced this book in response to Marcy’s fans.

Because we all need a little telling off by an opinionated cat.

Copyediting With An Attitude:
How To Proof And Edit Ads And Other Marketing Copy

"Copyediting With An Attitude" Book Coverwritten by Freddy Tran Nager
illustrated by Mark Armstrong

If you want to write marketing copy like a pro, creative ideas and basic grammar are just a start. You also have to know how to edit your work ruthlessly AND creatively.

The first in Atomic Tango’s series of micro-textbooks (practical advice in 50 pages for 10 bucks), Copyediting With An Attitude will show you how to make your writing flawless, active, concrete, and tight.

And it’s not just for copywriters. Copyediting With An Attitude can help anyone who works with words or wordsmiths:

  • Creative directors and other execs who hire and manage copywriters
  • Journalists, bloggers, or creative writers
  • Publication editors
  • Students and professors who need to rescue their prose from the cursed “academic voice”
  • Anyone who just wants to have more fun writing

Whatever your goal, you’ll find guidelines, examples, challenges, and cats. Yes, cats. You can’t have a book on attitude without them.

Dear Diary, Does This Cancer Make My Ass Look Fat?
A Heartfelt Memoir With A Pinch Of Sarcasm

Kimberly Tronic "Dear Diary, Does This Cancer Make My Ass Look Fat?" Book Coverby Kimberly Tronic

From longtime Atomic Tango conspirator Kimberly Tronic comes a true story about her hilarious struggles with cancer. Wait — hilarious?

At thirty-six, Kimberly considered herself lucky: her life revolved around coffee, cats, and cracking jokes. Unfortunately, another “C” word lurked in the shadows. She watched helplessly as her old reality gave way to a new one. A scarier one. A bald, bizarre, baffling way of life. How could her body betray her like this?

But despite the daunting diagnosis, Kimberly faced her fears with colorful costumes, wild wigs, and a sprinkle of sass. With every tear she shed, eyelash she lost, and meltdown she endured, Kimberly realized that a little darkness doesn’t have to dampen your spirit. Because cancer isn’t funny — but a touch of tumor humor might be the perfect prescription.