1 April 2009

Perfect Harmony: The “Playing For Change” Project

playingforchangeSometimes, amidst all the talk of bank bailouts and business banality, I stumble across something that melts away all the jagged cynical edges, one note at a time…

“Playing For Change: Peace Through Music”
is an award-winning documentary that features street musicians from around the world harmonizing on some great songs. Here’s a taste:

(The video that’s making the viral rounds is “Stand By Me,” but I thought I’d share one that isn’t getting as much playtime.)

“Playing For Change” is also a movement and foundation that’s raising money to “build, equip, staff and improve new and existing music schools around the world.”

Now I’m a little late to the game: “Playing For Change” launched back in early 2008, but sometimes viral marketing takes its sweet time to reach its target market. News of this project reached me a couple of days ago — too late for the concert tour that came through L.A. (serious bummer), but I did buy the “Playing For Change” CD/DVD.

And, yes, that’s right: Web-savvy moi actually bought a physical CD instead of a download. Crazy, huh? But this is one of those performances that I want preserved in plastic. And I’m hoping at least a few of you reading this will feel the same way.

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