The Ginsburg cocktail by Now Boarding in Los Angeles

22 July 2015

Buckle Up: The Ginsburg Cocktail Is Now Boarding

by Kim Tronic, Resident Cocktail Mistress…

As I watched the final episode of Mad Men, I felt a bit depressed. No more sassy Sterling. No more drunk Draper. No more cool outfits. No more sexist innuendos.

But as I wallowed in the sadness of missing Mad Men, I heard about a bar in West Hollywood that might cure my affliction — a bar dripping in mid-century magnificence, decked out in Mad-Men decor, reminiscent of a first-class seat on Pan Am Airways…

I’d like to introduce you to Now Boarding, a remarkably hip trip through the ‘60s.

Now Boarding

If only all airline waiting areas looked like this…

Every detail, from the upholstered leather booths to the geometric wallpaper, is meticulously arranged to make you wonder if you hopped into a time machine to emerge a classy airport lounge. The eye-catching map on the back wall is dotted with global hotspots. The gold chandeliers and leather headrest flaps will inspire you to look around as you snag a quick nibble from their branded airline peanut bags.

Take a peek beyond the stunning ambiance and you’ll find something even greater: super swanky ways to wet your whistle.

If you plunk down $600 a year, the exclusive Now Boarding Fifty50 Club entitles you to private parties, priority boarding on weekends, and most importantly, a liquor locker — something you wished you had in high school, right? Secured behind the bar, your locker safeguards a bottle of your favorite spirit, just waiting for you to kick back. The best part? Your first bottle is free, and half off subsequent bottles.

Also noteworthy is Now Boarding’s suitcase service: a more refined version of the overpriced bottle service from your local dance club du jour. Instead of chilled Grey Goose, you’ll receive a vintage wooden suitcase filled with glassware, fruit, all the cocktail accoutrements you’ll ever need, and a punch bowl that serves up to 10 drinks.

Just like the bar’s interior, Now Boarding’s cocktail menu embraces bold tastes and textures, all carefully crafted by their master bartenders and co-owner Wil Figueroa. One of the best and most popular intoxicants, The Ginsburg, is a smooth, delicious, and strong (!) trip down a citrusy tarmac.

The Ginsburg

1.5 ounces Templeton Rye
.5 ounces Tullamore Dew Single Malt
.25 ounces Fernet
.25 ounces Aperol
2 dashes Peychauds Bitters
1 barspoon simple syrup
Lemon peel garnish

Enjoying the Ginsburg won’t be a bumpy ride, but make sure your tray tables are in their upright position and keep your feet out of the aisle!The Way To Go

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The author of Dear Diary: Does This Cancer Make My Ass Look Fat?, Kim Tronic has worked in marketing and media for over a decade as a copywriter, content manager, and podcast producer. The Emerson College alum loves comedy, cats, and cocktails, not necessarily in that order.

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