Idle Hour Love Child

13 December 2015

Idle Worship: The Love Child Cocktail At Idle Hour

by Kim Tronic, Resident Cocktail Mistress…

As much as I love my Chuck Taylors and baggy jeans, I burn with envy for fashions circa the 1920s. Beads. Sequins. Flowers. And OMG petticoats.

And ever hear of “programmatic architecture?” It basically means “buildings that look like stuff.” In those days, when automobiles became the new way to zip around town, giant structures started popping up shaped like dogs, donuts, and hats to grab your attention as you cruised by. Many of these magnificent structures no longer exist, but a few have withstood the test of time.

Idle Hour exteriorOne such hotspot in North Hollywood, Idle Hour, was thankfully saved from demolition in 2011 when Bobby Green, owner of 1933 Group, purchased the barrel-shaped landmark and began major renovations. The restoration efforts paid off: in February, 2015, Idle Hour opened its doors to thirsty locals looking for a hip new hang.

Idle Hour InteriorWith an interior just as awesome as the exterior, you have to marvel at Idle Hour’s circular ceiling and rounded walls. The immaculate wood makes you wonder if you’ve stepped into a cozy curvaceous cabin. Follow the candlelight to the back patio and behold their rad fire pit, picnic benches, and the Bulldog Cafe (courtesy of the Petersen Auto Museum), which you can rent out for events.
Idle Hour's Bulldog Cafe

Idle Hour’s selection of fare will activate your drool glands with food and drink menus as eclectic as the venue itself. If you’re hungry (or even if you’re not), order the saltily scrummy pretzel, which comes with a cheese dip and chocolate Guinness sauce.

And speaking of beer, there’s a great selection on tap, so please steer clear of here if you’re craving a Coors or Bud Lite. Cocktails are handcrafted and stored in huge barrels (what else?), so these large-batch libations are literally brimming with flavor. Their tastiest liquid treat, The Love Child, is lip-lickin’ luscious, and could easily double as a dessert.

The Love Child

Goslings Dark Rum
Ginger syrup
Allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg

The first sip delivers a limey creamy zest, like the lightest, fluffiest Christmas cookie you’ve ever had, and the rim leaves a spicy aftertaste.

So next time you head out for happy hour, make it an Idle one.

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The author of Dear Diary: Does This Cancer Make My Ass Look Fat?, Kim Tronic has worked in marketing and media for over a decade as a copywriter, content manager, and podcast producer. The Emerson College alum loves comedy, cats, and cocktails, not necessarily in that order.

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