Daywalker Lemonade Martini at the Marmalade Cafe

12 June 2015

For Those Who Refuse To Burn, We Salute You: The Daywalker Lemonade Martini

by Kim Tronic, Resident Cocktail Mistress…

If you live in L.A., you most likely react to “tourist traps” by rolling your eyes, emitting a small groan, and vowing to never get stuck in the honeytrap of 3-hour traffic jams. (Also see: the Walk of Fame, Disneyland, or Muscle Beach.)

But I invite you to hit the brakes on such swift judgment and head over to Marmalade Café at The Grove. Don’t be fooled by its shopping center location and write off Marmalade as a tourist destination not fit for your weekend romps.

With plush booths, tons of natural light, and a huge open floor plan, you can comfortably sink into a dining experience, but my favorite plan of attack involves bellying up to the bar. And for good reason.

Meet Ben Uhrig and Ronnie McCawley.


In addition to hunkily rocking out the Marmalade bar, these two also rock onstage in their folk blues rock band Redwood Stills.

When they’re not making aural love to your ears, they’re serving up some killer cocktails and lovable attitude at Marmalade. And while Ben is comfortable in his role as bar/ band heartthrob (that’s a title I personally assigned to him), Ronnie embraces his duty as resident redhead.


Ronnie created a special cocktail recipe to celebrate his fair skin and ginger locks: a martini that’s white, red, and delicious.

Daywalker Lemonade Martini

1.5 ounces Stoli Blueberry
.75 ounces blueberry liqueur
.5 ounces Chambord
2 ounces homemade lemonade
Splash Sprite

Curious about the drink’s name? One glance at Urban Dictionary will explain: “The Daywalker is a Ginger that does not burn in direct sunlight. Hated by true Gingers, the Daywalker can sustain extended periods in sunlight and even has traces of a soul.”

And it’s a good thing that Daywalkers can venture outside — this citrusy “adult blueberry lemonade” is perfect for a warm afternoon.

So next time you’re in the area, pop into Marmalade and raise your glass to one preciously pale redhead.

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The author of Dear Diary: Does This Cancer Make My Ass Look Fat?, Kim Tronic has worked in marketing and media for over a decade as a copywriter, content manager, and podcast producer. The Emerson College alum loves comedy, cats, and cocktails, not necessarily in that order.

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