Freddy Nager and Bobby Borg

16 January 2021

“Did You Hear…?” How Musicians Can Leverage Word Of Mouth

by Freddy Tran Nager, Founder of Atomic Tango + Former Music Industry Ad Guy…

In another chat with musician, marketer, and fellow USC Annenberg adjunct professor Bobby Borg, I delve into the elements of word of mouth (WOM) marketing in the music industry…

Now, my students and clients know that I compare WOM to winning the lottery: yes, people do win it, but you shouldn’t bet your business on it. Same with WOM. Yes, gossip can promote sales, but you can’t rely on it.

That said, several factors support word-of-mouth marketing campaigns, which Bobby and I discuss here:

  1. Influencers
  2. Controversy
  3. Mystery & Intrigue

Want details? Hit “play” below…

(Note: the interview was conducted before the pandemic.)

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Freddy is the Founder & Creative Strategist of Atomic Tango. He also teaches graduate-level marketing communication courses at the University of Southern California (go Trojans!), shoots pool somewhat adequately, and herds cats. Freddy received his BA from Harvard and his MBA from USC.

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