Kraft Heinz FAIL

26 February 2019

What’s Behind Kraft Heinz’s $12 Billion Loss? (Hint: The Secret Is In The Sauce)

by Freddy Tran Nager, Founder of Atomic Tango + Condiment Contrarian…

Oy, what a disgusting mess.

Packaged-food giant Kraft Heinz just reported a net loss of $12.6 billion for the fourth quarter of 2018. My favorite living marketer, Mark Ritson, just wrote an insightful and comprehensive article explaining the various reasons behind the debacle.

One key note: most of the loss comes from Kraft Heinz discounting the value of its iconic brands by $15 billion. Apparently, failure is now spelled O-S-C-A-R M-A-Y-E-R, with a business plan concocted like B-O-L-O-G-N-A.

But copywriter Dan Goldgeier found something even more revolting:

Heinz Mayochup

As he notes in a tweet, “‘Saucy Sauce?’ The whole product reeks of minimal effort.”

Perfect verb choice.

Pass the mayochup? Sure, I (and millions of other consumers) are definitely passing. And not just on the saucy sauce.

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Freddy is the Founder & Creative Strategist of Atomic Tango. He also teaches graduate-level marketing communication courses at the University of Southern California (go Trojans!), shoots pool somewhat adequately, and herds cats. Freddy received his BA from Harvard and his MBA from USC.

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