Atomic Tango Consulting

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”
– John Wanamaker, American Department Store Pioneer, 1838-1932

Time to learn which half — and how to fix it.

Led by marketing vet and professor Freddy Tran Nager, Atomic Tango’s consulting services combine equal parts creativity and strategy. (As our name indicates, it takes two to you-know-what). Unlike a traditional ad agency, we focus on business, not just hype. And unlike a consulting firm, we understand that consumers are driven by emotions that can’t be captured on a spreadsheet.

What we do…

  • Marketing Forensics: We critically analyze what works and what doesn’t in your target market, based on decades of award-winning experience, the latest research, and cultural trends. We’ll also evaluate your current marketing and media, and audit plans and reports from your other agencies.
  • Campaign Planning: Based on our forensics findings, we’ll craft a detailed, step-by-step marketing plan that combines creativity and strategy to achieve your business goals (not vanity metrics like “likes”).
  • Consultations & Training: For those who want to do their own marketing, Freddy offers both team workshops and one-on-one sessions on such topics as website content strategy, social media management, influencer marketing and development, and personal branding.

What we don’t…

  • Formula Marketing: Instead of mindlessly copying “best practices,” we develop even better ones that fit your needs, budget, and market. We also won’t push the latest trends or technology simply because they’re shiny and new.
  • Hiding The Truth: We’ll give you our candid assessment, and tell you if something is not in your best interest, even if we could make money by doing it (such as most social media).
  • Jargon Shoveling: No “leveraging seamless end-to-end turnkey solutions and out-of-the-box best-of-breed practices to maximize results from your mission-critical initiatives on a go-forward basis.” It hurts us just to write that, so we’d never do that to you.

Intrigued? Contact Atomic Tango to find out how we can help you solve your marketing problems and achieve your business goals.